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Following are few tips on how to get started on this free ad posting forum:
1) Complete your profile information and upload your photo. You can edit your profile by clicking the "My Page" link.
2) Post blogs - The blog get more attention than the classified posts. Read the rules for blog posting before you post a blog.
3) Post free ads to promote your own and your affiliate products and services. Also reply to relevant postings by other people.
4) Upload photos and upload your videos on anything. Photos and videos must be family & kids friendly. You may upload your product photos and put description with link to your sales page. In this way the image can act as an image ad.
5) Welcome the new members by posting comments on their profile. And invite them to be your friend.
6) Invite your friends to join this free advertising community. This is the main driving force to grow this community.
7) Create you own group and invite your friends to join. Join the groups created by others which are of your interest.
8) Advertise your banner ads in our classified pages. Here is details on how you can post a free banner ad on the classified pages. Classified pages are good when you want to post just a banner or just want to share your link with a few words.
9)  Add as many friends as possible. Then you can send message to your friends time to time.

10) Become a featured member to get maximum exposure.

11) Post special offers for our members. This is a good opportunity to get some sales and leads.

12) Finally, send your feedback to us to improve this community.


More Tips Tricks and Suggestions to use this free advertising forum.

** Please also check things to avoid on this free classified community before you proceed.

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This tips is very helpful to me.

Asif Iqbal
Thanks.It will help me a lot to understand.
Thank you so much for such kind of helpful information
Thanks its very helpful for me
Thanks its very helpful for me
It's great to be here. Thanks for the guidelines. I will try to stick to them.
thankyou for nice tips
by learning from experts will always be a good way.
Thank you Enam,

My websites are in Dutch, so I will also set up something in English to advertise,
We can always learn from eachother that is good

kind regards

Nicole Rutten

     Awesome :) helped me very much .  


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